Create 1st-factor credential (username/password)

  • Register a username and password as your 1st-factor credential
  • If you would like to skip this step and use an application generated credential, select the 'Auto-Generate' button.

To successfully use this web-application, you must be using the following:

  1. Chrome Version 43 or higher. Download from here
  2. Your FIDO Authenticator

Create and register 2nd-factor credential (cryptographic keys)

  • Either, login using the username/password you created on the 'Create Credentials' tab, or use the auto-generated username/password shown below (fidouserNNNNXXXX/Abcd1234!)
  • You will be able to register your 2nd-factor token after you login.

Authenticate with your 1st-factor credential

Before you begin, please make sure you have registered your token using the 'Register Token' tab.

Authenticate with your 2nd-factor credential

Having trouble? Send us e-mail (support @ to get help.

The FIDORestApp version 1.0 (Build 26) web-application is a Java Servlet 3.x running on Glassfish 4.x,
making webservice calls to StrongAuth's FIDO Certified implementation of the U2F protocol.